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Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm EST
immigration reform, climate change, balanced deficit reduction, reducing gun violence and the implementation of the affordable care act. with me now, jim messina, the man responsible for re-electing the president and heading this new non-profit group and he's head of the inaugural parade. this is a busy time for you jim, huh? >> hi, craig, how are you? it's busy, but a lot of fun. >> let's start with this new group here. it's set up like a 501 -- it's set up as a 501c4 group which is different from a super pac. it's able to legally coordinate with the white house. how do you think that's going to help the mission? >> look. we went out and surveyed our members across the country and two things became very apparent. one, they wanted to stay together. they had built something very special through two very tough presidential campaigns and two, they wanted to continue to work on the issues that motivated them to get involved with barack obama in the first place. you talked about them, the economy. immigration reform, climate change. all things that we care very deeply about and so
Jan 20, 2013 3:00pm EST
, bring down the debt and deficit spending. those are -- >> a balanced way. i'm sure he'll use that language as well. >> a balanced way. opposing goals, but he intends to do them both. >> lynn, do you think we'll hear any talk of energy or climate change at all in the speech tomorrow? >> i do. i think climate change will be an added starter when we look at agenda goals, and i don't know if we had this discussion two months ago, even if curbing gun violence would have been something we would have thought would come up tomorrow. >> yeah. >> but i think that it is -- it is just something that the obama administration did not put a super emphasis on in the last four years and will be something that we'll hear about, in addition to the things that bill talked about. but i think somehow that obama will try to still cast himself as somebody who can try to bring more calm voice to civic discourse. i don't see how it could happen right away, because it didn't happen in the last four years. not sure how he can figure out how to navigate is this time. >> let's listen to some of the other promi
Jan 22, 2013 8:00am PST
have big fiscal challenges. he is going to pursue deficit reduction in a balanced way that will include investments that are going to spur investments in clean energy jobs, things that will promote economic security for the middle class. i think that's the overarching goal. but there's a window for action on so many other items. immigration reform, i think both parties see that it's in their political self-interest to advance immigration reform. when you see that, i think the stars align for action on a big ticket item like that. >> all right. so mark, i want to talk to you about what we have been seeing when it comes to the right and the reaction to this speech. in politico when it says about the gop fighting words, very interestingly enough, newt gingrich is coming out and he said that i didn't think it was a very liberal reference to this address, i didn't think it was very liberal. there were one or two sentences obviously conservatives would object to but 95% of this speech i thought was classically american, emphasizing hard work, emphasizing self-reliance, emphasizing doi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)